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In this section you can find relevant legislation (national and supranational), applied to issues related to Bioethics and Technoethics.

Laboratory Animals

Laboratory animals are protected by the 1991 Presidential Decree 160 harmonising national legislation to the EU Directive 1986/609 protecting animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes and by law 2015/2001 which incorporates the Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for experimental and Other Scientific Purposes, of the Council of Europe. Moreover, Greece has signed but not ratified, the Protocol amending the above mentioned Convention.



The Commission offers to students, mostly postgraduates, both from human and life sciences the Possibility of training on issues related to bioethics

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Educational Seminars

The Commission organizes educational seminars covering a wide range of bioethics issues

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Bioethics go to school

The Commission organizes educational activities for schools (Secondary Schools and High Schools) related to bioethics

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