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New Recommendation : 23/02/2022


New Recommendation: on combatting disinformation during the Covid-19 health crisis

Athens, 23/2/2022

The National Commission for Bioethics and Technoethics (NCBT) took the initiative to address the issue of how to combat disinformation (disinformation disorders, in general) during the Covid-19 health crisis, by developing an ethical reflection which includes public health ethics, internet ethics, and information ethics at the same time.

After thorough research and assessment of the current situation, as well as following a hearings procedure, the NCBT concluded a concise classification of proposed policies around three main axes: a) development of fact-checking services, b) cultivation and acquisition of media literacy and digital skills by everyone (citizens, journalists, private and public stakeholders), c) enhancement of transparency and promotion of a code of ethics on disinformation.



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