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Opinions and Reports

In this Section you will find the consultation texts published by the Commission (Opinions and Recommendations), as well as their Reports issued by the Scientific Assistants.

Human Biobanks


The National Bioethics Commission met upon invitation by the President thereof on the 17th of March, the 14th of April, the 19th of May and the 30th of June 2006 in order to consider the ethical, legal and social issues within its jurisdiction which arise from biological material banks and their role in biomedical research.





The Commission offers to students, mostly postgraduates, both from human and life sciences the Possibility of training on issues related to bioethics

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Educational Seminars

The Commission organizes educational seminars covering a wide range of bioethics issues

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Bioethics go to school

The Commission organizes educational activities for schools (Secondary Schools and High Schools) related to bioethics

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