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Opinions and Reports

In this Section you will find the consultation texts published by the Commission (Opinions and Recommendations), as well as their Reports issued by the Scientific Assistants.

Management of Biological Wealth


The exploitation of natural and biological resources was until relatively recently governed by purely economic criteria. Today, the importance of biodiversity for human existence and the responsibility to protect it are becoming increasingly obvious. In this opinion the Commission documents the value of biodiversity, the manmade dangers that it faces and the main arguments, according to the Commission, in favour of the need to protect biodiversity internationally and in Greece. The Commission, in conclusion, proposes broader as well as specific environmental policy measures aiming to place environmental ethics and in particular the protection of biodiversity at the epicentre of national politics, a top priority during strategic planning of human activity.








The Commission offers to students, mostly postgraduates, both from human and life sciences the Possibility of training on issues related to bioethics

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Educational Seminars

The Commission organizes educational seminars covering a wide range of bioethics issues

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Bioethics go to school

The Commission organizes educational activities for schools (Secondary Schools and High Schools) related to bioethics

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