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Announcement of Awards of the 2nd Panhellenic Student Competition for Bioethics and Technoethics, Athens, 14.12.2023

The 2nd Panhellenic Student Competition for Bioethics and Technoethics with the theme "Searching for Ethical Techno-Science", which was co-organized with the Medical Law and Bioethics Study Laboratory of the AUTH School of Law and hosted at the National Center for Scientific Research Conference Center of Demokritos, was successfully completed in Agia Paraskevi.

The event was honored with the presence of Mr. Katsaros, Secretary General of Primary, Secondary and Special Education, representing the Prime Minister, while an online greeting was addressed by Mr. Doukakis, Assistant Professor of the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University and President of the Institute of Educational Policy.

Ten schools from all over the country participated. All student presentations were distinguished for their ingenuity and imagination in approaching Bioethics and Technoethics issues. Significantly, bioethical and technoethical dilemmas inspired, in addition to powerpoint presentations, short films, video presentations and paintings.

On behalf of the Evaluation Committee, the Vice-President of NCBT, Mr. Tsekeris, awarded:

The 1st Prize at the 3rd Lyceum of Glyfada (Regional Unit of Attica) for the creation of the short film on the theme "The right to ignorance of genetic data".

The 2nd Prize at Lyceum of Kranidi (Regional Unit of Argolis) for the powerpoint presentation decorated with original paintings on the topic "Exploring the bioethical labyrinth: Stem cells".

The 3rd Prize at the Lyceum of Zacharo (Regional Unit of Ilia) for the creation of a video presentation of a book entitled "Eugenics".

In addition, the Evaluation Committee awarded 2 Honorable Mentions:

The first one at the Lyceum of Evosmos (Regional Unit of Thessaloniki) for the creation of a ppt presentation on "Stem cells: In Medicine and Biological Science" and

The second one, at Kaisari Educational Schools for the creation of a ppt presentation on the current topic "Food waste or otherwise how to achieve balance".

The Evaluation Committee announces that all schools will receive an Honorable Certification for their participation.

The entire event, recorded, is available on the Commission's YouTube channel.

The Commission warmly encourages more schools to participate in the next Panhellenic Student Competition, which is planned for 2024.


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