[09-06-2020] Presentation of the HNBC Recommendation on the pandemic to the Parliamentary Committee

The HNBC was invited by the President of the Special Standing Committee on Equality, Youth and Human Rights Mrs. Sophia Voultepsi, to present to its members its Recommendation “The bioethical dimension of individual responsibility in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)”, which was issued on 17 March 2020.


The topic of the agenda of the Meeting was: “Bioethics and individual responsibility in response to corona virus”.

The presentation of the Recommendation was made by the President Dr. Eleni Rethymiotaki, Associate Professor of Law School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) and the Scientific Associate of the Commission, Dr. Takis Vidalis.

The link of the above Meeting (only in Greek): https://www.hellenicparliament.gr/Vouli-ton-Ellinon/ToKtirio/Fotografiko-Archeio/#9cc8139c-6a5e-432f-9c9b-abd600ab64f6